Why certification ?

NF VALIDATION logoThe emergence of commercial methods quickly raised the issue of the reliability of the results obtained and whether they correlate with the results of the traditional standardised methods.
In 1989, at the request of the industries and authorities involved, AFNOR Group set up a system for the certification of commercial methods used in the food industry. This certification was initially called “Validation of alternative analysis methods”. Today it has held a community collective mark and an associated logo: the NF VALIDATION mark.

The general conditions under which the NF VALIDATION mark is granted meet all of the requirements of European regulation (EC) 2073/2005 relating to the microbiological criteria applicable to foodstuffs, thereby automatically giving it European recognition.

The scope of application of the NF VALIDATION mark was extended to the microbiological analysis of water. The Certification Rules applicable are identical to those used in the food sector. Only the technical validation protocol is different.