NF VALIDATION (Agro) : News in June 2023 ?

On July, 24th, 2023, the NF VALIDATION mark has been awarded to 156 methods of analysis in food microbiology, validated according to the protocol EN ISO 16140-2: 2016.

In addition, 5 methods for the detection of antibiotic residue in food are validated according to the Validation protocol antibiotics AFNOR Certification.

Following the positive agreement of the Technical Board (TB) of Food expressend during its meeting held on June 14th and 15th 2023, AFNOR Certification has approved :

  • Certification renewals (according to the new EN ISO 16140-2: 2016 protocol) : VIDAS Up Salmonella (SPT) (bioMérieux), RAPID’L.mono (BIO-RAD), Reveal 2.0 Salmonella (Neogen Food Safety Corporation), IRIS Salmonella (SOLABIA Biokar Diagnostics)
  • Extensions for : iQ-Check Listeria spp. et iQ-Check Listeria monocytogenes to validate the use of the new enrichment broth Listeria Special Broth II (LSB II) in « composite food » and « environmental samples » categories (BIO-RAD), Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Salmonella species PCR Assay to extend the scope to the analysis of meat and meat products (25g test portion), vegetable and fruit products (375g test portion), infant milk powders and cereals (375g test portion), pet products (375g test portion), animal feed products and Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Cronobacter species PCR to extend the scope for the use of a new enrichment protocol and incubation time (18-26h at 34-38°C) for the analysis of infant formula, infant cereals with and without probiotics and ingredients (sample size 375g) and a new enrichment protocol and incubation time (20-28h at 34-38°C) for the analysis of the industrial production environmental samples (OXOID Thermo Fisher).

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