NF VALIDATION (Agro) : What’s new in October 2022 ?

On October, 26th, 2022, the NF VALIDATION mark has been awarded to 154 methods of analysis in food microbiology, validated according to the protocol EN ISO 16140-2: 2016.

In addition, 5 methods for the detection of antibiotic residue in food are validated according to the Validation protocol antibiotics AFNOR Certification.

Following the positive agreement of the Technical Board (TB) of Food expressend during its meeting held on October 6th and 7th 2022, AFNOR Certification has approved :

  • Certification renewals (according to the new EN ISO 16140-2: 2016 protocol) : TEMPO EB, Gélose ChromID coli® (37°C – E. coli), Gélose ChromID coli (Coliformes), Gélose ChromID coli® (44°C – E. coli), ESIA One Day, (bioMérieux), BAX System PCR Assay Salmonella spp, BAX System RT PCR Assay Listeria monocytogenes, BAX System RT PCR Assay Genus Listeria (Qualicon, Hygiena), SYMPHONY (SOLABIA) and Solus coli O157 ELISA (SOLUS Scientific)
  • Extensions for Thermo Scientific™ SureTect Listeria spp PCR Assay et Thermo Scientific™ SureTect Listeria monocytogenes PCR Assay for the update of Brillance Listeria Agar, Listeria Precis™ (Détection Listeria) et Listeria Precis™ (Détection Listeria monocytogenes) for the addition of enrichment broth 24 LEB et Listeria Precis (dénombrement Listeria monocytogenes) for the addition of a new protocol and procédures de confirmation (OXOID ThermoFisher) et Solus E.coli O157 ELISA (SOLUS Scientific)

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