NF Validation (waters) : News of March 2022

As of April 4th, 2022, 16 methods for microbiological analysis in water are certified NF VALIDATION. The PCR kits for qualitative and quantitative detection of Legionella are certified according to the validation protocols described in NF T90-471 and ISO/TS 12869 standards. The other methods are certified, with validations performed according to the technical protocol developed by AFNOR Certification and based on the comparison of the performances of an alternative method with the ones of a standard method.

Following the positive agreement of the dedicated Technical Committee expressed onto March 8th, 2022, AFNOR Certification approved:

  • The certification validation for EasyDisc YEA for the enumeration of cultural micro-organisms In water for human consumption (drinking water).

Our next meetings 2022 : June 8th and October 4th