NF VALIDATION: New validations for food microbiology scheme

As of November 28th 2014, 117 microbiological methods in the food industry including 3 antibiotic detection methods are certified NF VALIDATION. All the microbiological methods are validated according to the NF EN ISO 16140 standard protocol requirements.

During its meeting held on November 27th and 28th 2014, the NF VALIDATION “Technical Board – Food Microbiology” approved by vote:

– The validation of a new method: ESIA One Day (bioMérieux) for detection of Cronobacter spp in infant formulas (liquids and powders), milk powders and dehydrated complements of infant formulas, matrices used in the composition of infant formulas (liquids and powders) and soy milk, environmental samples from milk powders and infant formulas industries.

– The validation renewal of the following methods: 3M Petrifilm High Sensitivity Coliform Count Plate (3M Health Care), chromeID Coli Agar at 37°C (bioMérieux), chromeID Coli Agar at 44°C(bioMérieux), chromeID Coli Agar for coliforms at 37°C (bioMérieux), RAPID’Listeria spp (BIO-RAD), BAX System PCR Assay Salmonella spp (DuPont Qualicon) and COMPASS Listeria AGAR (SOLABIA).

Next meetings of NF VALIDATION “Technical Board – Food Microbiology”:

– 2015 : February 5th and 6th, March 26th and 27th, May 21st and 22th, July 2nd and 3rd, October 8th and 9th, December 3rd and 4th